Cardiff City must pay Nantes another eleven million euros for Emiliano Sala, footballer who died in a plane crash


The World Football Association FIFA has ordered Welsh Cardiff to pay Nantes the remaining eleven million euros for the transfer of the late Emiliano Sala. The lawyers of the French club announced this on Friday. A first installment of six million euros was already paid in January, after a ruling by the International Sports Tribunal TAS.


Cardiff took over Sala from Nantes in early 2019 for 17 million euros. On January 21, two days after signing his contract, the Argentine striker died in a plane crash on his way to Wales. The clubs tried to find a solution about the financial settlement in consultation, but were unable to do so, so Nantes took the matter to FIFA at the end of February 2019.

“Nantes is delighted with this new victory for FIFA. The club sees its rights confirmed,” said lawyers Jérôme Marsaudon and Louis-Marie Absil. “The club looks forward to closing the legal side of this tragic accident. So we hope that Cardiff will finally fulfill its obligations four years later and end its legal battle.”


The chances of that happening are minimal. Cardiff can again appeal to the TAS and also filed a complaint with the court of Nantes. The Welshmen claim that Nantes is jointly responsible for Sala’s death and demand compensation of around €100 million for loss of income. Last week, the commercial court of Nantes set the calendar for that court case. A hearing on the merits would be for the second quarter of 2024.


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