Not the first time: Kaminski Group has not yet paid for KV Kortrijk and they have already experienced that in Greece

In exactly a month and a day, KV Kortrijk will open its season on the field of Ghent, but there are still many uncertainties. The most urgent problem: will the Kaminski Group come along with 17 million or will we get a ‘Panetolikos scenario’?

It can also storm in the summer. They experience this first hand in Kortrijk. The vicissitudes surrounding a possible takeover of the club are causing a stir. In addition, a cartload of new players must be obtained and there are two vacant posts, and those are not the least. The positions of CEO and chairman are on display. If all that wasn’t enough, they are also counting on the arrival of a new T1 in the Groeninge city.

Takeover: problems with Kaminskis in Greece as well

In May 2015, Vincent Tan bought the West Flemish football club from Vincent De Gryse for five million euros. The Malaysian businessman wanted to build a new stadium, but kept encountering difficulties. Early last month, the owners of both Bournemouth and Newcastle inquired about a possible takeover, but it was the Kaminski Group that reached an agreement with Tan. Maciek and Mikhai Kaminski gave a meaningless press conference in which they praised KV Kortrijk, only Vincent Tan did not yet receive the agreed 17 million euros. A first deadline (June 30) was not met and now the group still has time until July 6, otherwise the investment group awaits a claim for damages. According to the Americans, there are a lot of problems to open a bank account in our country. Yet the situation is very similar to what happened in Greece. Kaminski ‘bought’ first division Panetolikos, but the owner of that club also did not see a single euro. At KV Kortrijk they knew this, yet they sealed the deal. If the takeover does not go through, the club will remain in Tan’s hands.


Chairman: Allijn back in the picture

On April 28, Matthias Leterme (CEO) and Ronny Verhelst (chairman) officially announced their retirement. Both gentlemen were not satisfied with a possible takeover of Kaminski. Leterme seems to be on its way to the French Valenciennes. KV Kortrijk has to look for a new CEO, but may already have a solution up its sleeve. That role will most likely go to someone who is currently active at the club. Rik Foulon (current sporting director) and Jelle Brulez (COO) are eligible for the position.

Finding a president is a bit more difficult. Former chairman Joseph Allijns was asked, but he is not immediately jumping for it.

Trainer: Still topkandidaat

Who will take over from interim coach Joseph Akpala? This yard will probably be the first to be ‘cleaned up’. Edward Still is in pole position. The ex-coach of Charleroi and Eupen, among others, is aware of the interest, but is not letting his cards be looked at for the time being. The name of RWDM coach Vincent Euvrard also circulated briefly.


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