Another top football player in dirty papers after ex-girlfriend opens booklet about domestic violence and threats: “He only stopped when he saw it was serious”


Manchester United winger Antony has been accused of domestic violence and death threats by his ex-girlfriend. Gabriela Cavallin opened up about her former partner in a recent interview. She told her story with tears in her eyes.

Cavallin, a Brazilian DJ and influencer, accuses Antony not only of domestic violence, but also of death threats after their relationship ended. “If you don’t stay with me, you won’t be with anyone else. Me, you and our son will die together,” the Brazil international is said to have said when his partner wanted to end their relationship. Cavallin filed a report with the Sao Paulo police about a month ago.

The woman explained how Antony locked her in his house and destroyed her cell phone. And even during her pregnancy, which eventually ended in a miscarriage, the flank attacker allegedly abused his girlfriend. According to Cavallin, this took place when the Brazilian was still playing for Ajax, but the physical violence continued even after his transfer to Manchester United. At one point, the Brazilian said she needed forty stitches after he would have dislocated her breast implant. “It wasn’t until he realized it was serious that he stopped,” Cavallin said during the interview. She told how Antony then sent two doctors to her apartment via Manchester United to cover up the whole thing.

Antony during his period at Ajax. — © AFP

“If necessary, I will look for witnesses myself”

Cavallin currently resides in Brazil, but wants her ex-boyfriend convicted at all costs. And she cares a lot about that. “If I have to, I will go to England myself, looking for witnesses and the doctors who treated me,” said the Brazilian firmly. Manchester United have so far refused to respond to the allegations and Antony himself does not seem to pay any attention to the allegations.

Antony is the umpteenth in a list of professional football players who were charged with partner violence last season. After Mason Greenwood, who also played for Manchester United, Achraf Hakimi and Dani Alves, Antony is the latest player to be accused of such offences. When will this end?

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