Can the Lions 3X3 go to the European Championship? With a 2 on 2 to quarter final EuroCup Qualifier

Thibaut Vervoort is perfectly on track for qualification for the European Championship with the 3X3 Lions. — © BELGIUM

On the first day of the Europe Cup Qualifier in Constanta, Romania, the 3X3 Lions qualified as group winners and with a 2 out of 2 in group A for the quarter finals. It will be contested against the number 2 of group C tomorrow.

Patrick Ceulemans

A week after the 3X3 World Championships in the Austrian capital Vienna, the 3X3 Lions, number 5 in the world, had to take to the field again. Thibaut Vervoort, Bryan De Valck, Dennis Donkor and Caspar Augustijnen are active in the 3X3 Qualifier Europe Cup in Constanta, Romania. The first match in group A brought against Croatia (FIBA 9) and after an exciting game a 10-7 win. The second game against Estonia (FIBA 8) was won 16-9. The 3X3 Lions qualify with a 2 out of 2 and as group winners for the quarter finals. Tomorrow morning at 10:20 am, the Belen will face Switzerland (FIBA 13), Romania (FIBA 24) or Denmark (FIBA 98) for a place in the semi-finals.

How do the 3X3 Lions qualify for the European Championship? Certain teams are directly qualified for the European Championship. Israel is qualified as host country (the European Championship is in Jerusalem and from 5 to 7 September). Defending champion Serbia also gets a ticket. In addition, 3 tickets will go to the best ranked teams on November 01, 2022. Then they were Lithuania, Latvia and the Netherlands.

The remaining 7 tickets can be obtained through FIBA ​​3×3 Europe Cup Qualifiers. 3 tickets for the European Championship can be won in both Constanta (where our Lions are located) and Bratislava. The top 3 of each qualifier will receive a ticket for the European Championship. It is therefore important for the 3X3 Lions to finish in the top three in Romania. A twelfth and final ticket for the European Championship will be handed out at a third qualifier, in Limassol, Cypriot.

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