“Should be proud that we were two minutes from the title”: KRC Genk shares speech by Wouter Vrancken after title match

The anticlimax in the title fight caused a lot of disappointment and tears at KRC Genk. In a video that the club shared on social media, the impressive speech of coach Wouter Vrancken can be seen after the game. “There was only one team that deserved the title, that was us.”

Brett Louis

Some stared blankly into space, others put their hands over their eyes. The disappointment in the Genk dressing room is clearly visible on a video. Coach Wouter Vrancken thanked his players and staff for the past season and repeated several times that they should be proud.

“There was only one team that deserved the title. That was us. We have to accept it now, but I’m so proud of you. We should be proud that we were two minutes from the title. I can only thank you for the season. It was motivating and fun to work with you. Thank you and be proud.”

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