Who will bring out the glue: Antwerp celebrates the first national title in 66 years so hard that the championship cup falls…

De Bosuil was the setting for a true folk party last night. For the first time in 66 years, the Great Old took the national title, which was of course celebrated like crazy in Antwerp. Just after eleven, the players’ bus arrived at the Bosuil, after which the Antwerp heroes were allowed to show the champion’s cup to the public in turn. There was so much celebration that the showpiece did not survive the party night…

Jorunn Vannoorden

After their fairytale triumph over Genk, the Great Old players’ bus headed for Bosuil. He arrived there just after eleven, to the loud reception of the Antwerp supporters. Pro League CEO Loryn Parys presented Antwerp with their trophy. It started with the hero of the evening: Toby Alderweireld was the first to raise the championship trophy on the Bosuil, the party could begin.

When Toby Alderweireld lifted the championship trophy first, he was still very… — © BELGIUM

But less than fifteen minutes later, the showpiece already looked a lot different. Due to the heavy partying, the top part of the cup came loose. Gaston Avila found something on it. He used the part that came off as a hat, while the rest posed one by one with the updated trophy. We have to say: it does have something. But the glue can still be removed.

Suddenly Gaston Avila was walking around with the top of the trophy on his head… — © Isosport

Ritchie De Laet posed with the updated trophy. — © BELGIUM

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