Players arrive at Genk stadium: “First have breakfast, then train”

On Saturday morning, players and trainers arrived at the stadium of KRC Genk to prepare for the decisive match this Sunday against Antwerp.

The day starts with a joint breakfast, followed by training behind closed doors on the practice field. The reason why there are no supporters in the stadium. They previously showed that they are the twelfth man behind their team. The players themselves are convinced that Genk will win the match against Antwerp. That was usually the answer we got from the players before they sat down at the breakfast table. The hunger for profit is there. If Club Brugge does not miss it against Union, Racing Genk still has a chance to win the title. And the players are fully aware of that too. A stage has already been erected on the square in front of the stadium. Let’s just hope it can be used.

Three Arokodars — © Patrick Smith

Mike Tresor in Mujaid Sadick — © Patrick Smith

Patrik Hrosovsky — © Patrick Smith

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