You can’t fly without wings: Mark van Bommel looking for a solution for failing flank attackers

Twice against Club and at home against Union, Antwerp’s wing forwards did not give home. Would Mark van Bommel intervene in Genk? Then these are the options.

Pieter-Jan Calcoen

Michel-Ange Balikwisha (every basis in the play-offs, 1 goal)

Scored the decisive second goal in the cup final and took that peak of form with him to the play-offs. Started strong at Union, made it 2-1 against Genk, but couldn’t continue that good line. Was disappointing in the last three games. What speaks in his favor is the fact that he is making time on his kilometers – 10.3 against Union, only Stengs and Vermeeren ran more. Doesn’t seem to worry too much about his starting spot.


Arbnor Muja (telken’s base, 0 goals)

Showed to be a useful force during the regular season, but it is difficult to pick up the higher level in the top matches. The good moments are too rare. Always shows a lot of grinta and work ethic, only it could be a little more in the play-offs – his good shot and cross rarely come out. Could just be sacrificed. A thought: can he have the same impact as Kerk as a joker?

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Gyrano Kerk (5 substitutes, 1 goal)

Is the logical replacement should Van Bommel remove Balikwisha or Muja from the team. Is often invisible, but compensates for this fact with his ability to be decisive out of the blue. Was accurate at Genk in the regular competition – so he has a good memory of the Limburg soil – and managed the great equalizer at home against Club Brugge. Has speed and a focused blast.


Christopher Scott (substitute three times, 0 goals)

It’s just a theoretical option. Shouldn’t start once in the competition. Also contributes little as a substitute. Clearly more steps to take.

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