Also this: the victory of Sevilla gives Spain no fewer than… five teams in the Champions League

Seville-routiners Rakitic in Navas. — © Getty Images

Nice evening for Spanish football. The victory of FC Sevilla in the final of the Europa League ensures that Spain can send no less than five teams to the Champions League next year. After all, the Europa League winner automatically receives a ticket for the real champions ball.

Guy Van Den Langenbergh

Sevilla had a mediocre season in the Primera Division. With one match day to go, it could only qualify for the group stage of the Conference League until yesterday. Thanks to this win, it now automatically gets a place in the Champions League. Spain, which can send four teams to the championship ball anyway, will now have a fifth team with Sevilla. Were previously qualified: champion Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid and Real Sociedad.

Villareal and Betis Sevilla also have their ticket for the Europa League in their pocket. Only the battle for the last European ticket, that of the Conference League, is still exciting. Five more teams are eligible, including Sevilla.

If Sevilla still settles in seventh place, the Spanish ticket will be lost. But for that it has to jump over no fewer than four teams on the final match day. That chance seems extremely small so that we will probably see eight Spanish teams in the European competitions next season.

Sevilla can go to the Champions League. — © UEFA via Getty Images

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