PSV player Joey Veerman vents his heart after threats to his family: “I am very pissed”

After the 2-1 victory over AZ, Joey Veerman vented about everything he had to deal with this week. The PSV midfielder became the victim of all kinds of wild speculation in the media and on supporter forums after Ruud van Nistelrooy’s resignation, which led to very unpleasant reactions, he said in an interview with NOS.

Jeroen Kapteijns

“It is unbelievable. I get all threats, my whole family. My agent was supposedly the leak. He is also threatened. It can’t be filmed, I’m really pissed off about this week. Many things have been said and written. I am slightly surprised about that. Actually, it was just a shitty week.”

Veerman indicated that he had nothing to do with Van Nistelrooy’s resignation. “I sent him an app two days ago and wished him the best of luck. And also said that everything that has appeared in the media about me is simply not true.”

The fact that he and his family are currently under a magnifying glass hurts Veerman a lot. “Hopefully I will be a father in fifteen weeks. My girlfriend had posted a picture on social media with an ultrasound. Then there are all kinds of reactions and they are not tender. All crazy messages. The football world is really a shit world!”

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