Old acquaintance is going to guide fallen David Goffin again: “I want everything to be about performance”


David Goffin experienced a new disappointment with his early exit at Roland Garros on Sunday. Nevertheless, the 32-year-old from Liège has not given up hope of relaunching his career. That is why he has recently called on Yannis Demeroutis, under whose care he trained as a youngster, as an extra coach next to Germain Gigounon.

Vincent Van GenechtenBron: BELGIAN

“David needed some help, a breath of fresh air,” says the 52-year-old Tunisian. “I have known Germain for a long time, I worked with him when he was still a player. We thought it was a good idea to work together. And David feels good about it. Anyway there is an evolution. I hope that the line is continued and this match (against Hubert Hurkacz, ed.) becomes a springboard. Germain remains the head coach. There will be tournaments that we travel together and others separately.”

Demeroutis still knows Goffin from his period in the training center of the French-speaking tennis federation AFT in Mons. He knows where he wants to go with the former number 7 in the world, who has tumbled out of the top 100 today.


“I want everything to be about performance, both in the match, like against Hurkacz, and in training. That’s how it should be for David every day. It is the only way for him to be active at the highest level. What David lacks today is a constant. There are good moments, but it’s precisely those moments that should become the new normal. You have to prepare it, in training, from the first ball, so that it becomes normal during a match. When things get exciting, you have to show courage.”

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