VIDEO. Should Nieuwkoop not have been given a yellow but a red for this drawing error on broken Ekkelenkamp?

Shouldn’t Union have finished this match with ten, but with nine? They undoubtedly think so at Antwerp. A drawing error by Bart Nieuwkoop on the broken Jurgen Ekkelenkamp was penalized with a yellow card by referee Erik Lambrechts. Judge yourself.

Maxim Caeyman

Fifteen minutes before the end and with a 1-0 score for Antwerp, Arthur Vermeeren Ekkelenkamp digs deep. Nieuwkoop is on the wrong side of his man and briefly hangs on Ekkelenkamp’s jersey, after which the Dutchman lies down. At Antwerp they want a red card, because Nieuwkoop was the last man and Ekkelenkamp seemed to be able to go alone on goal. But Referee Lambrechts is determined: foul and a yellow card for Nieuwkoop. Union was already with ten men at that time, after Lynen collected his second yellow card due to a wild tackle on the same Ekkelenkamp.

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