VIDEO. Romelu Lukaku’s striking speech for Anderlecht’s youth players: “The older generation is coming to help you”

One day Romelu Lukaku (30) plays back at Anderlecht. The Belgian top striker confirmed this once again when he was visited in Milan earlier this month by a delegation of Purple & White youth players. In the documentary Mauve can be seen how Lukaku gives them courage, but also warns them.

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“Guys, I’m going to tell you how it is,” began Lukaku, who received a visit from Anderlecht’s U12 selection on his 30th birthday (May 13) during Inter’s league match against Sassuolo. “My brother (Jordan, who was also present, ed.) and I spent six years at Neerpede, we were the first generation of Purple Talents. It’s not easy,” Lukaku warns the children. “Because of your class only three or four will make it to the first team. Maybe even just one. It’s going to be hard for you, I’m telling you already.”

“We had our moment in the first team. It is doing less now, but that will change,” assures Rom. “Because we older players who played in youth, we will all come back at some point. And we’re going to help you. We want to help you now, but we will also help you in the future.”

Lukaku closes his speech with some words of encouragement and takes a picture with the players together with brother Jordan. It produces beautiful images.

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