Turnaround at sea: KV Oostende wants Yves Vanderhaeghe back as a coach, American owners refrain from selling


It was chaos at KV Oostende since the relegation to the Challenger Pro League. The club was for sale, but that sale would no longer be an issue. The American owners want to revive KVO. The best of all: they want Yves Vanderhaeghe – fired last season – back as coach. With Brecht Capon and Michiel Jonckheere, two ex-players were also asked to join the staff.

Jürgen Geril, Junior Verbeeke and Ludo Vandewalle

It was a mess at the sea. Since the relegation to the Challenger Pro League, KV Oostende had become a rudderless ship. The American owners still pumped money into the coastal club to get a professional license, but actually wanted to get rid of their toy for 10 million euros. A delegation from Wolverhampton, Bournemouth and Newcastle came to watch, but no one accepted the price for that price.

Meanwhile, nobody within KVO knew where he stood. There was uncertainty about when the training sessions would resume, which players could stay on board or who would become a trainer. Several brokers wanted to get in touch for their players, but they didn’t know who to turn to.

That has to change now. The American owners have for the time being refrained from selling the club. Strongman Paul Conway has been sidelined and another shareholder Michael Kalt is now more involved in KVO. The intention is to revitalize the team so that the team can play a significant role in 1B.

The first step is a good technical staff. According to our information, the American owners want to sit down with Yves Vanderhaeghe as a potential trainer. That is unbelievable, because Vanderhaeghe was put on the cobblestones without a boo or bah last season, while he actually still achieved decent results. Although it is of course also the case that KVO still owes him a considerable sum of money after that C4. The process is still ongoing and if they give Vanderhaeghe a new contract, it might be possible to arrange that. The big question is of course whether the trainer himself would see a return (in 1B). He may have other offers.


To facilitate a possible comeback, a new technical staff is being set up. That’s how Brecht Capon got the offer to become team manager. The Ostend native just hung up his shoes, but is popular with the supporters and has a good relationship with Vanderhaeghe. Capon wants to help the club, but prefers a role in the sporting staff. The same goes for Michiel Jonckheere. He also played for KVO and Kortrijk and can now become an assistant coach. It is still unclear what will happen to current team manager Bart Brackez.

Ghent and Genk watch Sakamoto

KV Oostende would like clarity within fourteen days. It is therefore high time to examine the core of the players. Sporting director Gauthier Ganaye is on his way to the exit. He was previously mentioned at Huddersfield, but is currently closest to PhD student RWDM. Only there is discussion about the conditions for his departure. If the Frenchman himself resigns, he should not be paid, but if he is fired, he should. Perhaps an amicable settlement will follow.


Ganaye is certainly no longer busy for KV Oostende. His duties will be taken over by Nils Vanneste, who was director of the youth school. If he remains the strong man, it will not be an easy task for him to get and sell players. For example, it is already known that the Japanese Tatsuhiro Sakamoto is on the list of AA Gent and RC Genk. However, the left flank player still has to raise some money. Goalkeeper Guillaume Hubert can then return to FC Liège, which has just risen to the Challenger Pro League.

There’s a lot of work ahead of you. The American owners assure that a budget will be provided. Even though many of the club’s suppliers have still not been paid.

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