Rik De Mil has to make way at Club Brugge: “Contact with Deila? We are not there yet”

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Choosing for his career, or for the heart? Now that Club Brugge has appointed a new head coach with Ronny Deila, Rik De Mil does not know (yet) where he stands. Two more games and the 41-year-old interim coach has to decide on his future. The door at Club remains open, but other teams are also pulling his sleeve. “Experience was chosen, so you have to respect that.”

Junior Verbeeke

No, the Champions’ Play-Offs were not a success. Moving up another place (or two) in the standings was not an option. The fact that the title was still being discussed before matchday 1 even sounds a bit laughable now. But Rik De Mil does show off a European ticket after ten match days at the helm, and that was the big goal after a rollercoaster of a season. And yet: the East Fleming was never seriously considered as a T1 candidate with a view to next season. “Is that a disappointment? (evasive) My assignment was clearly communicated from the start. I was 100 percent focused on that, and I continue to do so. After the season we would see together what the best solution is. Honestly: I don’t know where my future lies yet. And I always said that the decision would only come after the season.”


We tried to lure him out a bit. Popular with the fans, a professional, someone who is good with the players. Didn’t he deserve such an opportunity? “I have always received a lot of support from the fans, but also internally, from the board”, De Mil again remained flat. The fact that the board took a gamble with Hoefkens last season, of course plays a role. Just imagine that things are now also turning square with De Mil. “They have made the choice to bring in someone with experience, and then you have to respect that. We still have good contact here every day. And now we especially want to close the season in beauty during the last two games.”


Does the label of ‘eternal assistant’ perhaps play tricks on him? De Mil had no experience as a T1 – except for a few substitute appearances – until Scott Parker was fired. “I don’t really think that’s a disadvantage,” he shrugs. Of course, at 41, he still has plenty of time. “My career progresses step by step. I started in third provincial, and I worked my way up so calmly. It takes a while to fill your backpack completely. Now just take it easy and see what the next step is.”

Get to know better

From head coach to a position as assistant: it can’t be obvious. “You should also look at how I became T1. It’s been a weird season. Once again: all options are open, except becoming head coach of Club. In that respect, little has actually changed,” says De Mil. Club Brugge has already indicated that there is room available in the new staff of Ronny Deila, who is taking Efrain Juarez with him. “But there has been no contact with Deila yet,” says De Mil. “I don’t know him personally. Of course we will have a conversation, as already mentioned. And we will get to know each other better.”

According to the outgoing head coach, it does not matter that his players do not yet know whether De Mil will stay. “Of course everyone has heard the news about Deila, but I don’t notice much of it. We have a very good relationship and that will remain until the last day of play”, says De Mil. After that, he probably makes the choice between the heart, or his career. Because De Mil has been associated with blue-black for almost ten years now. And if it becomes that second, they will swear hard in Bruges.

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