Werner Rotsaert is making a film about basketball emperor Willy Steveniers

Former basketball international and documentary maker Werner Rotsaert (70) is making a film of basketball emperor Willy Steveniers. The Antwerp basketball legend, one of the best Belgian players ever, turns 85 this year. “An ideal moment to present a film of this Belgian basketball icon with testimonials”, says Werner Rotsaert.

Patrick Ceulemans

Werner Rotsaert himself was an excellent basketball player, who was active at Ostend and Avanti Bruges, among others, and then went to work as a coach in Germany. His son Sam Rotsaert is currently a coach at Spirou Charleroi.

But Rotsaert Senior is mainly known for his documentaries and films. The West Fleming already has ten films on his resume, including productions such as “Ostend underwater 1953”, the “Golden Sixties” and three years ago “War, liberation and repression in Ostend” which could be admired once at Kinepolis. In the sporting field, he has already filmed a retro film of Avanti Bruges and a unique DVD of Ostend.

Willy Steveniers’ 85th birthday gave Rotsaert the idea to make a film about the Antwerp basketball phenomenon. With unique match images and testimonials from former teammates, opponents and other personalities from Belgian basketball. “It’s great that Werner wants to do that. I’m really looking forward to it”, says Willy Steveniers.

“The intention is to present the film in 2023 and on Sunday in Kinepolis Antwerp. There are still talks with some potential sponsors, but the fact that the film about the Emperor of Belgian basketball will be released this year is an established fact,” says Werner Rotsaert.

In 2019, Willy Steveniers already received the Lifetime Achievement Award. — © BELGIUM

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