New sporting director Julien Gorius wants to keep trainer Timmy Simons on board at FCV Dender: “I hope we can conclude the negotiations quickly”

Football Challenger Pro League FCV Dender

Julien Gorius (left) hopes that Timmy Simons (right) will also be FCV Dender’s trainer next season. — © dv, blg


Julien Gorius (38), who has just been appointed as sporting director, has to get straight to work at FCV Dender. Keeping Timmy Simons on board as head coach is the first important assignment for the Frenchman, who was dropped from RWDM after 2.5 years after a clash with the new American owner.

Wim Redant

Julien Gorius did not hesitate to accept when FCV Dender asked him for the post of sporting director. “I know the Challenger Pro League like the back of my hand,” says the former player of Metz, FC Brussels, KV Mechelen, Racing Genk, the Chinese Changchun Yatai and OH Leuven. “I played the last two years of my career at OHL and was active with RWDM for 2.5 years in the role of sports director. At RWDM the story stopped because I disagreed with the owner’s vision for the future. At FCV Dender I was immediately on the same wavelength as Belinda Siahaan, the CEO who implements the vision of the Indonesian owner. After I left RWDM I immediately got the chance abroad, but that was difficult as a family. Staying in Belgium was a priority for me. I also had some options in Belgium, but the FCV Dender project is in line with my vision for the future. I live in Leuven, which means no stumbling block.”

Among fans of FCV Dender, the ongoing negotiations with head coach Timmy Simons are the main topic of conversation. Doesn’t the former stronghold of the Red Devils see Dender as a springboard and is he waiting for another opportunity? How concrete is the interest of clubs such as series mate KV Oostende and first division KV Kortrijk? Did Simons reject a proposal from the KBVB for the U19? Simons no longer answered the phone for difficult questions last week, but Gorius is already soothing the supporters. “Timmy Simons was instrumental in enforcing conservation. Before my arrival, Simons was already discussed extensively and there is no doubt that we want to keep him on board. I hope we can conclude the negotiations soon.”

Growing into a stable professional club

After the trainer issue, Gorius also has to get reinforcements, although he inherits a group with multi-year contracts. “It is true that many players are still tied up. After an analysis of the group, we will nevertheless look for targeted reinforcements. The aim is to always do better than the year before. I’m not just thinking about the standings. There are many other facets in which the club needs to grow. Growing step by step is the message. Retention was a first step, working even more professionally is the next step, in order to subsequently develop a strategy for the longer term. It now comes down to laying the foundations to grow into a stable professional club.”

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