LaLiga president wants to (finally) eradicate racism in Spanish league: “Can be solved within a few months”


LaLiga president Javier Tebas believes that with an adapted legal framework he can eradicate racism in Spanish football within six months. He made this statement at a press conference on Thursday.

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On Sunday, the league match between Valencia and Real Madrid was overshadowed by racist insults against Vinicius Junior. The winger of De Koninklijke then targeted La Liga. This led to an online discussion with Tebas, who reacted with irritation but eventually apologized.

Tebas previously stated that LaLiga’s hands are bound by the laws in Spain, which means it can only identify and report incidents. “What we want is the power to do more things,” Tebas told Thursday. “With that power, we are convinced that this will be resolved within a few months.” LaLiga is turning to the government and political parties to provide a stricter legal framework against racism, xenophobia and intolerance. “We ask that the Spanish Football Federation and LaLiga be given the appropriate powers.”

Real striker Vinicius was racially abused by the Valencia supporters during their league match last weekend. — © EPA-EFE

Tebas had to admit that LaLiga had not previously addressed such a request to the authorities. “That was probably a mistake on our part, but we thought we were making progress in court when we filed complaints directly. But we have seen that it is not enough and that we need to solve these problems faster.”

Finally, Tebas said that he would support Vinicius should he decide to leave the field in the face of new racist insults.

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