Jose Mourinho clear about his time at Tottenham: “The only club I don’t have a special relationship with”


At a press conference in the run-up to the Europa League final, AS Roma coach José Mourinho delivered a sneer at Tottenham Hotspur. ‘The Special One’ had no good words for the club and its owner Daniel Levy. And that, according to the Portuguese, is an exception in his career.

Quentin Torfs

“I hope the Tottenham fans don’t misunderstand me.” This is how José Mourinho began his answer to the question he was asked about the emotional aspect of coaching. So that didn’t bode well. “The only club I don’t have a deep connection with is Tottenham,” went on The Special One further. The Portuguese coach admitted that his relationship with Tottenham owner Daniel Levy has never been great. “Mr. Levy didn’t let me win a cup and he’s the only one.” Mourinho was only unable to win a prize during his career with the London club and was kicked out after 86 games.

“I feel a bond with all my other ex-clubs, because those clubs loved me too,” said The Special One. “If I ever leave Roma, the farewell will be hard. But we will stay connected forever. I love all my ex-clubs except Mr. Levy.”

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