Basketball icon Michael Jordan puts more than 3 million on the table for a new sports car: “It was a special day”

If you have a mountain of money, you can already let it roll. That’s what Michael Jordan must have thought when he paid 3.5 million dollars (3.25 million euros) for a new car.

Vincent Van Genechten

The fortune of ‘His Airness’ is estimated at around 2 billion. Not illogical after a legendary basketball career that included six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls and his own shoes, a status in which he took on the role of pioneer.

Jordan has put his money into many things since his retirement. For example, he owns NBA team Charlotte Hornets and owns his own NASCAR team. The American has a thing for cars and so he gave himself a new car this week: a Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster. Only thirty of these were made. The car has no less than 1,600 hp.

“It was a special day,” said Hennessey on social media. “It is a huge honor to create a special Venom F5 for our special friend.”

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