No punishment after “degrading promotion celebration” on the center spot of rival: “I was ashamed when I saw the video”

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Noise sled

The ‘middle spot peepers’ will not receive a sanction. Some players had ‘celebrated’ KFC Doomkerke’s promotion by urinating on the center spot of rival Groene Leeuwen Ruiselede’s pitches.

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At the celebration of the promotion of football club KFC Doomkerke to third provincial, some players thought it was no better than to urinate in the center of the fields of rival Groene Leeuwen Ruiselede. That caused commotion and the incident made it to the city council on Wednesday.

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Earlier, the board, the players and the coaching staff of KFC Doomkerke announced that they would like to expressly apologize for the events of last Sunday. “The behavior of some players cannot be justified, whereby we want to emphasize that it concerns individuals and not the entire group of players,” said Marnix Van Daele, secretary of KFC Doomkerke.

The captain of the team also spoke: “In the hours of euphoria and joy, some of our players unfortunately crossed the border. As players, we realize that some have put not only the players, but also the board in a bad light,” he said.

Resignation offered

The issue was discussed at Wednesday’s city council meeting. “At first I felt ashamed, especially when I saw the video with accompanying text and sounds of the degrading promotion celebration,” said alderman of Sport Frans Debouck (RKD).

“Our chairman was present at the facts,” admits Marnix Van Daele, secretary of KFC Doomkerke. “He was too late to intervene. He deeply regrets this. He offered his resignation to the board, but we unanimously rejected this. He, like most who were present at the facts, cannot be blamed.”


Mayor Greet De Roo (RKD) concluded the discussion at the city council by stating that no sanctions will follow and that the incident between RK Doomskerke and GL Ruiselede must be dealt with.

It is not clear, however, whether GL Ruiselede will take steps. “We hope that the matter can now be discussed and closed in all serenity, so that the attention can then return to our historic promotion,” concludes the secretary.

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