YOUTH CUP NEWSPAPER PU08: RC Harelbeke – FC Gullegem 13-12

PU08 RC Harelbeke — © MVH


FC Gullegem immediately took control of the game and led 5-8 after the first half through goals from Sepp Compernolle, Philip Osuji and Mories Vanneste.

Johan Polet

Goalkeeper Kyan Debeuf (RC Harelbeke) saved his team from a wider deficit with some nice interventions. RC Harelbeke offered good resistance and scored through Ramon Patteeuw, Eldim Vojnikovic and Siese Enghien. In a sensational second half, an unchained RC Harelbeke completely rectified the lopsided situation. FC Gullegem incomprehensibly relinquished a lead of six goals, lost the north and lost a fiercely fought duel

RC Harelbeke – FC Gullegem — © MVH

met 13-12.

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