After a win against Minderhout, Mol-Ezaart is promoted to 2nd provincial: “I saw this group grow week after week”

Captain Robin De Scheemaecker in duel with Emiel De Bruyn. — © mpics

Mol-Ezaart is promoted to second provincial after a very exciting match against Minderhout. After a game in which both teams had the chance to grab the win, it eventually ended in penalties. The home team showed itself just a little better so that the promotion is a fact. “It was really exciting.”

Ezaart coach Geert Van Gompel also fully admitted that it had been exciting. “You can say that,” says Van Gompel. “In the first half, Minderhout was the better team and they also scored a very nice goal. The lead at half time was deserved, because we really had a hard time. We then adjusted during the break and the second half went better for us, we pulled the sheet completely towards us. We equalized and then left the win in regulation time. It could also go either way in the extra time, both we and they had chances but no goals were scored. In the penalty shootout, our goalkeeper then took their last penalty kick and we then shot ours. “

Mol-Ezaart played champion in fourth provincial last season and is now promoted for the second season in a row. A true feat that Van Gompel had not quite expected before the season. But over the course of the season he saw his team grow and this is the icing on the cake. “In the beginning, ensuring preservation was our main ambition, which makes sense as a newcomer. After a few matches, our captain also dropped out, which did get to us. But week after week I saw the players grow and things got better and better. The final round was a nice crowning achievement, but it didn’t stop there. Today there were only five players in the team who also played at the start of the competition. This means that the entire core has contributed to this promotion. I also hear that this group has the best atmosphere in years. That of course also contributes to the good results.”

Second provincial certainly does not deter Van Gompel. “As an athlete you have to go for the highest possible, so we also wanted to win that final round. The level will be higher in the second, but there will also be more space and that should suit us. So we are looking forward to it”, concludes the coach.


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