IT’S ALSO FUN IN PROVINCIAL. Van is coming soon, barley juice is already flowing freely, worries forgotten for a while and exhausted, but still a sleepless night

1. On the bus

Last week it said ‘The plane on’. We were then talking about SK Westrozebeke, where about half of the team made a trip to Ibiza after the regular season and before the start of the final round. It worked, because Victor Landuyt, also press secretary at Club NXT and one of the players who was there on the Spanish island, immediately announced on Sunday afternoon shortly after the match: ‘Ibiza has paid off: Westrozebeke-Zonnebeke: 2-1’.

Less spectacular than the plane, but very useful during the final round, when the journeys are often greater than during the regular season: the bus. The players of GS Voormezele stepped happily and partying on the packed bus on Sunday after the 3-4 win in Oostkamp. The neighbors of Sassport Boezinge had less reason to cheer in the interprovincial final round, but they also entered three minibuses for the duel in Tisselt in Antwerp. The proverb ‘Out together, home together’ bearing in mind they might have been better off taking one big bus together.

2. Boat trip with the family

VV Koekelare coach Dieter Vandendriessche did not prepare the final round as spectacularly as the players of SK Westrozebeke. He was just enjoying a boat trip with the family. The outcome was the same, as both teams survived the first round and even face each other on Sunday. With a win, Vandendriessche will move to Diksmuide with promotion in his pocket.

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3. Change thoughts

One’s death is another’s bread. Oudenburg eliminated Ingelmunster, who had invited his supporters to experience the move with … the bus. ‘On the way to promotion’, wrote Frederik Demeyere. A boost for the Oudenburg player, because times were and are still difficult for him. Like his parents, Demeyere works for Delhaize, where it has been unsettled for weeks due to strikes and staff protests against the management’s sales plans. The football and the beckoning promotion could take the mind of the whole family for a while.

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4. Pints ​​and champagne

We still have to wait for the redeeming news, but the third provincial players who won the first match of the final round can prepare themselves for a stay in the second provincial. At Dosko Sint-Kruis, where Victor Verheyen – Gert’s son – scored again, they already built their party after the 1-3 victory in Otegem and drank their pints. And they were also generous, because they treated champion Daring Brugge’s neighbors with … champagne. Health!

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5. Keep still enforced on the field

They threatened a legal battle, but in the end SK Beveren-Leie enforced retention in the second provincial between the lines on the field. After all, the team from Waregem won their jump-off match against Dosko Kanegem 4-3. What should happen with the procedure against the union turned out to be the furthest thing from their concerns on Sunday.

6. No example taken from the trainer

What a Sunday for Marc Dawyndt, trainer of fourth provincial KV Koksijde Oostduinkerke. In the morning he ran the marathon in Puurs in 3 hours and 52 minutes. A brilliant performance that his players did not take an example of after the afternoon in the final round. The trainer went crazy, the players didn’t. KVKO lost no less than 1-6 to Avelgem B and flew out of the final round without a chance. Marc Dawyndt was exhausted but still had a sleepless night.

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7. Gratitude despite parting after relegation

Six seasons at the same club, it is not given to every trainer. Tim Langeraet was allowed to experience it at Dosko Beveren. With highs (last season’s title) and lows (this season’s relegation), as he says, but grateful to the bottom of his heart. After six years his time had come, but Dosko Beveren and Tim Langeraet prove that you can also part ways as friends. “I wish the club all the best in the future. Grateful for the past six wonderful years”, the trainer wrote at the farewell. You could imagine the tear.

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8. When God Says You Can

Chris Plaisier is a major supplier of items for this section. After the last match in the regular season, the SK Staden coach went crazy with his players, after which he had time to follow the denouement in the Italian title fight. Much to his delight, Napoli was crowned champion with the approval of God – none other than Diego Maradona.

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9. The Jordy Timperman of the final round

Zarren striker Jordy Timpeman was crowned West Flemish top scorer during the regular competition. Of course no one will be able to match his 53 goals in the final round, but a few guys proved in the first round that their bobby is far from finished. Gianni Jooris (Diksmuide B) and Kris Mahieu (Oudenburg) each scored three times, while Nils Haezebrouck (Oostkamp B), Kristof Notredame (Voormezele) and Sybren Rutten (Avelgem B) shook the net twice.

10. To look forward to this week

In any case, to the registrations for next season, because then we will all know more about who will definitely be promoted. This weekend, however, a full program will be completed in the final round anyway.

In the interprovincial final round, SV Diksmuide is the only West Flemish survivor after the elimination of Boezinge and WS Lauwe. After the move to the Flemish Ardennes, the Boterploeg will receive a visit from Achel in Limburg on Saturday.

In the second provincial, Koekelare will compete against the Ibiza boys from Westrozebeke. Avelgem-Ardooie will be equally interesting. The winners of both matches will go first.

In Third Provincial it therefore looks like the survivors of the first round will be promoted. Their mutual matches next weekend will probably no longer matter. The jump-off in third is still important. After the defeat in Oostrozebeke, Zillebeke cannot lose to Damme at home or relegation to fourth is a fact.

Finally, in the fourth provincial, four matches are scheduled in the second round. In principle, seven of the eight teams are promoted. Who will be the unfortunate victim?

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