Young Reds can only enforce retention in the first national through the final round: “I assume we have to do it ourselves”

Dieter Vanhees — © GOYVAERTS

The Young Reds can prepare for jump-off matches. After the 0-4 defeat against Francs Borains, there is no longer any hope of a direct rescue in 1st National.

The match of the last chance turned into a heavy 0-4 defeat. “A justified victory for Francs Borains, but with exaggerated figures”, said coach Gill Swerts. “In the first half we kept pace and had some chances. Halfway through we were 0-1 behind so everything was still possible. But then shortly after the break they score three times in seven minutes and the match is over. We are always faced with the facts against these kinds of teams. Teams like Liège, La Louvière and Francs Borains have so much experience in the squad that they don’t have to dominate an entire match. They seize their moments and often decide a game in a few minutes. Francs Borains has Teddy Chevalier in the rush hour, you can’t give him the slightest chance or you’ll have it.”

Don’t start from scratch

Only licensing troubles for Olympic Charleroi can save the Young Reds. “But I don’t believe in that”, the T1 continues. “They can still defend themselves for the BAS. I thought that would happen at the end of last week, but we’re not hearing anything about that for now. In any case, I assume that we will have to do it ourselves.”

A plan is already being drawn up for next season. “We have to wait and see which series we end up in, because there is quite a difference between first and second national. But we’re not going to have to start from scratch. I think most players will stay and still have another year on the counter. You should see that in the results. But we also look forward to possible reinforcements. Although you are quite limited there because the players can be a maximum of 23 years. This season we brought in Shala and Keita and they added value. I certainly do not rule out the possibility that we will again get three or four players of that caliber, Gill Swerts looks to the future. (pni)

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