YOUTH CUP NEWSLETTER: Excelsior Mariakerke – FC Destelbergen 2-2 (pen. 2-0)

Exc. Mariakerke GU10 — © EMT


Excelsior Mariakerke took the lead through a goal from Remi Annaert.

Johan Polet

FC Destelbergen created opportunities through Cezar Liekens and Achiel Maurus, but did not get past goalkeeper Juliette Vanderkelen. Excelsior Mariakerke failed to score via Lowie Tote and Adam Zerrouki. Shortly before half-time, Erry Izcy doubled the Purple Shirts’ bonus. FC Destelbergen corrected the lopsided situation after the break and climbed to the same level via hits from Arthur Di Nunzio and Ibe Ceuninck. In the penalty shootout, FC Destelbergen left four penalties unused. Excelsior Mariakerke scored twice from eleven meters.

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