Jean-Pierre Deblauw faces the very last match with KSKV Zwevezele, which definitively stops women’s football: “Many emotions, but we say goodbye with our heads held high”

Women’s football 1st national KSKV Zwevezele

Together with chairman Jean-Pierre Deblauw and coach Karim Stockx, the players enter the field for their very last home match, which they won against Chastre with no less than 11-0. — © Bart Vandenbroucke

The page of women’s football will be turned definitively at KSKV Zwevezele on Saturday with the match in Bergen. The 69-year-old Jean Pierre Deblauw, president of the women’s section, does not hide his disappointment, but is especially grateful for the good years. “The fact that the team continued to show such team spirit even after the bad news makes me very proud.”

Timmy Vanecke

Saturday’s away match in Bergen will be the last game in the history of women’s football at KSKV Zwevezele. After last weekend’s last home game against Chastre, which was won 11-0, an end-of-season party was already held.

Jean-Pierre Deblauw (right) with trainer Karim Stockx. — © VDB

“A very nice moment, in which I experienced a lot of gratitude from players and supporters,” says Jean Pierre Deblauw. “Also next weekend, after the bus ride from Bergen, a restaurant has been booked in Wingene, where we will sit together with the entire core one last time. It is to the credit of the players that, despite the bad news about the termination, they still want to say goodbye in such a beautiful way. I must honestly say that I have never experienced such cohesion and team spirit. For the same money, the players threw their ‘clack’ at it, but the opposite turned out to be true. Everyone remains committed to the team until the last gasp and that proves that we have written a very nice story here. Top scorer Machteld Vandenbroucke rounded the cape of thirty goals last weekend, but that is the merit of the entire team. We have continued to exude optimism and enthusiasm in recent weeks and months. That makes saying goodbye a lot more bearable for me

Jean-Pierre Deblauw took titles with Famkes Merkem and Club Brugge, but it is mainly the years at KSKV Zwevezele that will stay with him. “I will never forget the family atmosphere and the group feeling at Zwevezele. It’s easy to be negative and sour about the sudden decision to end women’s work, but I much prefer to cherish the beautiful memories we shared here together. At my blessed age of 69 years, I will no longer be committed to another club. If I were thirty years younger, it would be a different story (laughs).”


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