Nikola Storm and Geoffry Hairemans show humility after cup defeat: “Antwerp simply has more quality”

They sat brotherly next to each other, Geoffry Hairemans, Nikola Storm and Rob Schoofs. Disappointed, but also somewhat resigned to the fact that Antwerp was a few sizes too strong for Malinwa. The trio had a similar analysis recorded. After all, many words could not be wasted on the hopeless defeat.

“We don’t have a very good season ourselves and Antwerp is in a good flow, so we knew it would be difficult”, Hairemans spoke. “It is a very mature team and simply has more quality than we do. Just such a deep striker as Vincent Janssen. We simply don’t have that. While fighting we tried to put something in return, but it was not allowed to be.”

“However, the feeling beforehand was good”, Storm added. “You play football to be able to play such matches and we were therefore looking forward to this final. Of course it is fantastic if you can close it with a win. Now, however, it is a completely different thing, although we must admit that Antwerp is just a very good team.”

“We all had to transcend ourselves and have an incredible day to be able to grab the cup here”, Schoofs was also realistic in his argument. “This year we had a lesser season, but in the end we managed easily. Next year it has to be better and we have to reach our best level again, so that we can compete for the top eight.”

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Storm next to Mrabti as a deep striker

Due to Defour’s tactical choice to play with two wingbacks, the striker duo was formed by Kerim Mrabti and Nikola Storm. However, they proved unable to cope with the strong pair of Alderweireld-William.

“It was now the third game in this system and at certain moments I thought we played the space offered better than the first time against AA Gent. However, against a team with as many clean sheets as Antwerp, you know that you have to seize those scarce moments. That one blocked chance of mine after the break… If it comes in, you might win. Against Anderlecht last week, our first chance comes in and we win. Today, however, we did not have that happiness.”


Walsh: “Could barely create target danger”

Sandy Walsh was the first Malinois to speak to the press and could not help but admit that his team was a few buddies short against Antwerp, which did not need its best form to bring the cup to Antwerp.

“A loss is always disappointing, no matter what level the opponent is at,” said Walsh. “Too bad for our supporters, but we weren’t good enough today. The passion and the experience were there, but two crucial moments decide the match, too bad.”

KV Mechelen didn’t do too bad defensively, but the fact that Antwerp goalkeeper Butez didn’t have to grab a single ball says enough.

“Our game plan worked and we played pretty well, but in the last zone things always went wrong. This way we could hardly create a target danger. In the end we tried to push because you want to give everything for this club and its fans. After the 0-2, however, it was over and out.”


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