The play-offs in the Jupiler Pro League start tonight: everything you need to know about the denouement of our competition


Six more days. After that we will know who will be crowned national champion of the 2023-2024 season and who will take which European ticket. Below everything you need to know about the conclusion of the Jupiler Pro League.

Valerie Van Avermaet

Atypical start

Club Brugge and Racing Genk kick off the Champions’ Play-offs on Sunday, but don’t look for Union this weekend. The team from Brussels will only play for the first time on Wednesday, May 3, because opponent Antwerp will first play the cup final on Sunday. In the Champions’ Play-off, the teams get an uneven start, where Union in particular is screwed. After all, the Brussels club has a shorter preparation than the rest on match day 2, because Club Brugge is already waiting on Saturday 6 May.


Everyone supports Antwerp in the cup final

If Antwerp wins the cup, everyone in the Champions’ Play-offs and the number five in the Europe Play-offs is sure of a European ticket. A jump-off match between the number four of Play-off 1 and the winner of the Europe Play-offs is then superfluous. If KV Mechelen wins the cup on Sunday, that jump-off match will come.

How is everyone doing?

Racing Genk finished first in the regular competition and is therefore already certain of a European ticket. Moreover, thanks to that first place, the Limburgers always have the advantage in a tie with Union and Club Brugge.

However, if Genk or another team ends in a tie with Antwerp, the advantage is always for base number 1. After all, Genk, Union and Club Brugge all ended the regular season with an odd number of points, so that when the points are halved, they lose half a point.

got a gift.


Current ranking POI:

1. KRC Genk 38 points*

2. Union 38*

3. Antwerp 36

4. Club Bruges 30*

In the Europe Play-offs, AA Gent and Cercle Brugge have the advantage in the event of a tie. In contrast to Standard and Westerlo, they did not receive half a point

gift after the points are halved.

Current ranking POII:

1. AA Gent 28 points

2. Standard 28*

3. Westerlo 26*

4. Bruges Club 25

Only in the first weekend of June denouement

This season lasts longer than ever before due to the World Cup in Qatar last winter. Only two weeks later than last season will we know the final score of our competition. The last day of the Champions’ play-offs will be played on Sunday 4 June at 6.30 pm. The Europe Play-offs will be played a day earlier at 8:30 PM.


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