Did that letter arrive or not? Dutch club MVV heavily in conflict with Belgian captain Matteo Waem (ex-Antwerp)

MVV Maastricht may lose captain Matteo Waem on a free transfer this summer. The club from the Dutch second division and the agent of the 22-year-old from Antwerp have a difference of opinion about Waem’s contract situation.

Vincent Van GenechtenBron: BELGA, The Telegraph

“Waem still had an option of one year in his contract, which was lifted by the Maastricht club in January of this year,” MVV reports on the website. “This has been discussed in detail with Waem and his agent and also confirmed in writing. Waem’s agent now disputes that this was done correctly, so that Waem could leave this summer on a free transfer.”

Due to a letter that was not sent to the correct address, MVV is in danger of missing out on a transfer fee for Waem. However, the club claims that it has arrived.

“I have not received a registered mail. A letter was sent by MVV, but they told me that they accidentally sent it to my previous address.” Last year, Waem moved from address within the Belgian town of Lanaken, so it is possible that the club used the old address. “My current address is known to the club. I have passed this on to the administration and my pay slips also state the correct address. That undelivered letter was then left with MVV. They acknowledged that to me.”

MVV is also disappointed that the news has come out “in a phase of the competition in which enjoyment and, above all, pride should predominate”. “In a period where it should and should only be about the super performances of MVV Maastricht this season, we deeply regret that it is now suddenly about other matters that the media is jumping on. Should a difference of interpretation remain, then there are third parties who may pass judgment on this later.”

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MVV is currently in fifth place in the Dutch second division. The team hopes to secure its place in the promotion play-offs against Young AZ on Friday.

22-year-old Waem, a central defender, made the transfer-free switch from Antwerp to MVV in September 2020. Since then he played 86 times for the Dutch club.

“It is a pity for MVV that it turned out this way, but it is of course favorable for me from a sporting point of view. I wanted to make a move this summer anyway. Whether a club has to pay 200,000 euros or whether I can be picked up for free, that makes a difference. I don’t know if anything else can be arranged with the club, but that’s something for my agent. I now focus on the end of the season and the play-offs with MVV ”, said Waes at De Telegraaf .

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