30-1! Zytha De Leu is at the cannon no less than nine times in an unseen monster victory of title favorite Club YLA B: “I lost count myself”

Women’s Soccer Second National CLub YLA B

Zytha De Leu thought it was a pity that Havinnes was able to score against in the last seconds. — © Hannes

A festival of goals, the crushing 30-1 victory of Club YLA’s U21 team against red lantern Havinnes cannot be summarized better. The 17-year-old Zytha De Leu showed herself to be the sharpshooter with no less than nine goals. With three games to go, Club YLA B is the title favourite.

Timmy Vanecke

Club YLA’s U21s won 0-20 in the first round against Havinnes, the last team, and took it one step further last Saturday. After 90 minutes an unprecedented 30-0 was on the board. Flank attacker Zytha De Leu was at the gun no less than nine times, but would have preferred not to see the Hainaut’s honor savior fall.

“We wanted to score as many goals as possible, you never know that the goal difference in the title fight is still the deciding factor. I think we succeeded with flying colors in that assignment”, laughs Zytha De Leu. “We already saw in the warm-up that Havinnes could start with only eight players. The fact that they completely finished the match also credits them somewhere. However, that didn’t make our bill, we just wanted to score as many goals as possible. In the absolute final phase we got a bit too enthusiastic. Our goalkeeper Marie Elferink had just scored and Havinnes took advantage of that to succeed in the honor savior. Still a pity, I think. 30-0 would have been even better.”

With nine goals, wing attacker Zytha De Leu was clearly able to enjoy herself in the walk-over of blue black. “I lost count a bit during the match (laughs). It is also not so important who scored the goals, we have mainly tried to show the attacking elements that are handed to us in training in the game. If I could score nine goals before? That must have been from the youngest youth categories ago.”

“It will be a hellish last straight line towards the title. We don’t count ourselves rich yet”

Zytha De Leo

Blauwzwart is five points ahead of first pursuers Drongen and Wolvertem-Merchtem with three matches left. “Our big goal is to take the title. So we take on the role of favorite with both hands”, Zytha De Leu does not hide. “On the final day, we will go to direct competitor Drongen and next weekend we will also have a tough move to Mazenzele-Opwijk, where we drew 3-3 in the first round. So we certainly don’t count ourselves rich yet. It will be a hellish last straight line towards the title. That fellow countrymen Bredene and FWD Merkem can help us win the title next weekend by taking points from our competitors? We’re not dealing with that at all. Our task is to win the remaining three matches and then title and promotion cannot escape us.”

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