Elite Gold: profit for Charleroi and Limburg United again down

Limburg United, without Anthony Lambot and Maxim De Zeeuw, has not lost steam in Elite Gold. The Limburgers went down against Groningen in their own Alverberg. Despite a strong match from Jonas Delalieux (22 points, 8 rebounds), Toon Ceyssens and Alex Stein, the Dutch won after 20-21, 35-38 (halftime) and a 58-56 bonus. Donar Groningen was more eager in the final quarter, defended tight and came off offensively. Ex-Antwerp Giant Stephaun Branch led with a double-double (23 points, 10 rebounds) and with the support of Willem Brandwijk (13 points, 7 rebounds) and Clay Mounce (22 points, 7 rebounds) a frisky Groningen to the 77- 88 profit. With 2 out of 6, Limburg United is gradually but surely sinking to the bottom of the rankings in Elite Gold.

Spirou Charleroi was up against a fierce Aris Leeuwarden, who could not cheer in Elite Gold yet, not under the market. The Dutch came after 19-12, 40-33 and 65-52 and through Kris Palsson (23 points, 8 rebounds) in the final quarter. The Spirous kept the important victory in the Dôme via Jhivvan Jackson (17 points), Nathan Kuta (15 points, 12 rebounds) and Alex Libert (16 points), among others. With 3 out of 6, Charleroi remains in the middle bracket.

Limburg United-Groningen 77-88Quartz: 20-21, 15-17, 23-18, 19-32Limburg United: Cale 9, Delalieux 22, Desiron 7, Leemans 2, Stein 15, Lesuisse 8, Ceyssens 10, Dedroog 2, Dammen 2, Hammonds 0Groningen: Taylor 3, Magdevski 9, Gaddefors 16, Brandwijk 13, Mounce 22, Branch 2, Hollanders 0, Olisemeka 2

Charleroi-Aris Leeuwarden 83-78Quartz: 19-12, 21-21, 22-19, 21-26Charleroi : Fogang 7, Lisboa 1, Prepelic 12, Jackson 17, Kuta 15, Libert 16, M. Samardzic 0, Schoepen 7 V. Samardzic 0, Makwa 2, Izaw Bolavi 6Aris Leeuwarden: Doorson 6, Palsson 23, Veinot 15, Warner 11, Dourisseau 5, Douwes 0, Brandsma 8, Kubank 0, Ross 5

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