The whole city is behind Knack Volley Roeselare: the European final can be seen on a large screen in Expohallen

Folk figure Peegie, with a blue volleyball scarf, also supports Knack Volley Roeselare. — © rr, ipa


After the grandiose victory in and against the Italian Modena, Knack Volley Roeselare can almost place the second European cup in the trophy cabinet. On Wednesday evening, the men must win two more sets during the second leg at Schiervelde. The whole city is cheering. Those who did not manage to get a ticket for the home match can follow the match on a large screen in the Expohallen.

Levi Verbauwhede

With an astonishing performance, the Roeselare volleyball pride raged over the Italian giant Modena last week. In the first leg of the final of the CEV Cup it was an astonishing 0-3 for Knack Volley. 21 years after the first European Cup, a second copy beckons, winning two sets in the home match is enough to achieve the big triumph. It would also be the second Belgian final victory ever.

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The Roeselare city council also realizes the importance of the competition and makes the volley madness visible in the city center. “We want to give our pride a firm heart with some fun campaigns,” says alderman of Sport José Debels (CD&V). “Now that the race is slowly leaving the Belgian territory, everything is dominated by volleyball this week. For example, the statue of popular figure Peegie wears a blue volleyball scarf, the Citroenstraat turns completely blue and encouragement for Knack Volley appears on the LED screens in the center.”

500 additional places

The participants in Zapper holiday activities and the children of Kidz childcare locations will also help spread the blue color on Wednesday. The big apotheosis follows on Wednesday evening in a swirling Tomabel hall on Schiervelde. After the tickets flew out the door at lightning speed, Knack Volley decided to create 500 extra seats. So on Wednesday evening there will be 2,400 fervent supporters cheering on the team.

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Those who did not manage to get a ticket can go to the Expohallen next to the arena. The club puts up a big screen there. Doors open at 6 p.m., the game starts at 8:30 p.m. After the match and possible victory, the folk festival must erupt there. Admission is free all evening. Knack and the city council call on people to come by bicycle and provide extra bicycle parking on the site.

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Special scarves

Supporter club The Blue Wall is also longing for the special match. “Through our social media, we have encouraged everyone to wear blue, we want the arena to turn completely blue,” says chairman Sam Declercq. “It is very alive and the players feel it on the field. Everyone keeps their fingers crossed for the team and dreams of a beautiful European cup.”

Knack Volley also makes special scarves for the match.

Last week supporters of Knack Roeselare followed the final of the CEV Cup on a big screen in sports hall Schiervelde when the team stunted in Modena. The second leg in Roeselare follows this week. — © Stefan Beel

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