Wim De Decker again sees the SK Beveren that he has in mind: “Signal given that we want to fight for the title until the end”

Football Challenger Pro League – Promotion Play-Offs RSCA Futures – SK Beveren 0-4

The Beverse players celebrate Dieumerci Mbokani’s goal. — © Koen Merens


SK Beveren is gradually growing back to its best form. On Friday evening, yellow-blue convincingly won 0-4 against RSCA Futures. The Wase club kept a clean sheet for the third week in a row and all attackers scored their goal. “12 out of 15, we had signed for that in advance,” said trainer Wim De Decker.

Wim Houttequiet

SK Beveren is ready to start the last straight line in the title fight. The men of trainer Wim De Decker easily won against RSCA Futures on Friday evening. Remarkable: it was only the first victory on the field of one of the four U21 teams. Yellow-blue controlled the match from start to finish on Friday and never actually got into trouble. After half an hour, Nsimba opened the score after crossing half the field with the ball at his foot. Mbokani doubled the lead shortly before the break after plucking the ball out of the air. In an unnecessary second half, top striker Barry scored his sixteenth goal of the season in a fantastic way. Substitute Ribeiro Costa finally put the 0-4 final score on the board. And so all attackers were on the scoreboard. What a luxury.

“We played a mature game from the first to the last minute”, analyzed T1 Wim De Decker. “I have seen a real team on the field, including the guys who came on. A hungry group. We have sent a signal that we are ready. A signal that we aspire to something. A Beveren as we envisioned at the beginning of the season.”

Back to basic

Beveren grows back to the best shape at the ideal time. After the winter break, the Lions struggled with defensive stability for a while. Those problems now seem to be a thing of the past, because on Friday yellow-blue kept the zero for the third week in a row. “Every team has ups and downs in a season,” says rock in the surf Sheldon Bateau. “We analyzed our mistakes and went back to the basics of football. We keep it simple and do the things we used to do again. You can see that difference in our matches now.” De Decker also noted that things are looking better again. “Everyone knows that I am very sensitive to that. We are leading in number clean sheets Re. There is a great hunger to add a few more.”

“We played a mature game from the first to the last minute at RSCA Futures”

trainer Wim De Decker

It promises to be an exciting title fight until the end of the season. “We do what we have to do, the rest is beyond our control,” says De Decker. “Both on the basis of the results and the way in which we can hardly blame ourselves. We have 12 out of 15 in the Promotion Play-Offs, we definitely signed up for that in advance. It remains a pity that only one team can transfer, because actually two teams deserve that promotion.”

With Taofeek Ismaheel, De Decker once again has an extra weapon in the title fight. The Nigerian flank attacker made his comeback on Friday after weeks of injury. “It was the ideal time to bring him,” concluded the Beverse T1. “The more players I can bring, the more I like it.” Joachim Van Damme was not there against RSCA Futures due to illness.

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