Castors Braine lashes out: after Ine Joris also Belgian Cat Nastja Claessens and Marie Vervaet to Walloon Brabant team

Nastja Claessens will start working for the professional team Castors Braine next season. — © VDB

Castors Braine is making a big impact on the transfer market. The club will only communicate after the play-offs in Top Division Women, but after Belgian Cat Ine Joris (21), top talent Nastja Claessens (18) and Marie Vervaet (23) will also play for the Walloon Brabant team next season.

Patrick Ceulemans

Castors Braine will draw the Belgian card next season. After Ine Joris (21, 1m85), who comes over from Kortrijk Spurs, Nastja Claessens (18 years, 1m84) and Marie Vervaet (23 years, 1m86) will also play for the Belgian top team next season.

Nastja Claessens, daughter of ex-Belgian Cat Irina Medvedeva and candidate Promise and even Player of the Year, is a European top talent and is currently still working at Waregem. There she currently averages 17 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists. Claessens made a successful debut with the Belgian Cats in November and under national coach Rachid Méziane in the European Championship qualifiers and at the age of 17 and is on his way to a top international career. Nice detail: Waregem finishes this weekend in the regular phase of the Top Division Women in seventh place and next week will play the quarter finals of the play-offs against the number 2 … Castors Braine. Marie Vervaet, ex-SKW and Kangoeroes Mechelen, is working for Kortrijk Spurs this season and just like Ine Joris. There she averages 10 points and 5 rebounds. With these three toppers, Castors Braine wants to draw the Belgian card again.

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