Hug of mystery over “inappropriate behavior” Lapoussin at Madagascar, Union to speak with player

Loic Lapoussin. — © Isosport

Loïc Lapoussin (27) of Union is accused by his (former) national coach of “inappropriate behavior” during the international break. The player – not the most professional – says he has done nothing wrong, but he has the perception against. Sit down for a strange story…

Pieter Jan Calcoen

National coach Nicolas Dupuis of Madagascar posted on Facebook after the 0-3 defeat against the Central African Republic that he had banned Union’s Loïc Lapoussin from the selection for the second leg because of “inappropriate behaviour”. What exactly that entailed was not clear, nor did Dupuis respond to our attempts to contact him. According to local media, Lapoussin dived into the nightlife after the defeat, which was resented by the fans and staff, hence the sanction.

It is an open secret in Brussels that Lapoussin likes to party. It became clear in December that Union’s taste maker does not always know its limits. Then he went head-to-head with the police and refused an alcohol check – an incident that deeply upset Union. The club hoped that Lapoussin would learn the necessary lessons from that incident, but the reports from Africa showed just the opposite.

However, the stories from the Lapoussin camp were minimized. Lapoussin would have been allowed to go out “to clear his mind” and would not take action during the second leg anyway. It is also rumored that Dupuis made the statements about one of his star players to cover up his own failure. His passage to Madagascar was a big flop – the qualification for the Africa Cup is gone – and so Dupuis wanted to focus on extra-sporting matters after the defeat. At least, that’s what is claimed. Since Monday, Dupuis is no longer a national coach.

It is difficult to estimate whether Lapoussin – who has been on a great run in recent weeks, he scored against Union Berlin – has actually made mistakes. The fact is that he has the perception against it. “He must have stuck something out,” says skeptics. Union will enter into talks with Lapoussin, but at this point seems inclined to give the wingback/striker the benefit of the doubt. If it is proven that Lapoussin has crossed the line – Union contacted the Madagascar union – he can expect an additional punishment from his employer.

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