Embarrassing scenes live on television: Swedish national coach attacks analyst after critical remark

In the group of the Red Devils, Sweden did what it had to do on Monday evening. It won 5-0 at home against Azerbaijan thanks to one own goal and three goals after the break. Afterwards, Swedish national coach Janne Andersson argued live on television with analyst Bojan Djordjic.

Martin Delvaux

Sweden recovered on Monday evening at home from the 3-0 loss against the Red Devils with a smooth 5-0 win against Azerbaijan. Yet afterwards there was no hurray mood among the Scandinavians. When national coach Janne Andersson joined the post-match discussion at TV channel Viaplay, a fierce discussion arose with TV analyst Bojan Djordjic.

The former football player, who was also briefly active at Antwerp on a blue Monday, wondered why Jesper Karlsson got so few playing minutes in the Swedish national team. The AZ striker came on in the 82nd minute and scored the 4-0 six minutes later. Karlsson remained on the bench for the entire match against the Red Devils.

“We can spend the whole damn evening discussing my choice of players,” an angry Andersson immediately replied. “Who shouldn’t be playing then? I can only draft eleven. Then who do you take out? Sorry, but you can do exactly what you want when you are the national coach.”

Then Andersson got personal. Djordjic was born Serbian, but moved to Sweden when he was three years old. He went through the Swedish youth series, but did not get further than the national promise team. “Who do you represent”, Andersson snapped at him. “Sweden of course, who else?” Djordjic reacted indignantly. “What is this thing? Are you going to claim otherwise? Why are you so aggressive? Which other country would I represent? You mean Serbia, don’t you? Is that what you claim?”

The discussion went completely off track. Andersson made dismissive gestures and accused Djordjic “that he was talking nonsense after a match that was won 5-0.” Embarrassing.

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