KV Oostende must appear before license commission


As expected, KV Oostende will not receive a license in the first sitting. The Coastal Club must appear before the Licensing Commission to provide additional explanations.

(Jug, lvdw)

In particular, 6 million euros in debts need to be covered, but after weeks of internal war, the American owners are now willing to make investments. For example, there is now certainty about 4 million that will be deposited and an agreement is also being made about the other 2 million. The Americans are also doing this with a view to a possible takeover. There is interest from the Chinese group Fosun, which also owns Premier League club Wolverhampton, but also from an American group that already owns Bournemouth in England.

In the margins of the license file: Eli Verstappen, the former company auditor of KVO, has been discredited and is being investigated by the Board of Supervision of Company Auditors. They are aware of this at kvo, but it does not affect their license file. The club has not worked with Eli Verstappen for more than a year and the current license file was supervised by company auditor Sven vansteelandt.

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