Cyclist and walker help newly poured concrete at Zulte-Waregem stadium to the pennants: “Incomprehensible”

Police are trying to identify the person who left the bike trail. — © if


The perfectly poured concrete surface of about 1,500 square meters that contractor Jonas Deforche built around the football stadium of first-class club SV Zulte-Waregem is already gone. “We had just poured the concrete,” says Deforche. “But that same evening, a cyclist and pedestrian had already left deep marks in the concrete slab that had not yet dried.”

Bass De Wilde

Camera images clearly show how a woman puts aside the site fences around 6:30 p.m. on Monday evening and walks on the freshly poured fire road in concrete around the stadium. An hour later, a cyclist plows through the fresh concrete without hesitation. “When we saw this, our world stopped for a moment,” says contractor Jonas Deforche. (Read more below the photo)

The footprints are left by a woman. — © if

“We want to deliver perfect work and with washed concrete, where you treat the concrete layer after pouring with a product and a special machine to get everything nice and even, that is even more difficult.”

Find out identity

The damage runs into the thousands of euros, in the worst case 200 meters have to be poured again. “In the meantime, we looked at how we should solve it during a working meeting,” says alderman of Public Works Philip Himpe (CD&V). “Hopefully it’s not too bad. I also hope that the perpetrators will take their responsibility. The police are already investigating to find out their identities.”

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