Sasha Santens sees how Club YLA falls again from cunning Genk: “We have now lost the bonus points against Anderlecht”

Women’s Football Super League – Play-Off 1 Club YLA – KRC Genk 0-2

Lyndsey Van Belle tries to put Luna Vanzeir off the ball. — © Bart Vandenbroucke

Club YLA couldn’t enjoy the historic 0-4 victory over national champions Anderlecht for a long time. Blauw-zwart suffered a 0-2 defeat against a cunning KRC Genk, which previously also nipped hopes for the cup final in the bud. A new highlight awaits on Sunday with the home match against Standard.

Timmy Vanecke

Popping up quickly and dangerously in the back of the defense from the switch, it is a gradually proven recipe at KRC Genk. Many opponents are already biting their teeth at the cunning game, including Club YLA on Tuesday evening.

“I don’t want to say that the Limburgers have become our black beast this season, but the fact is that we couldn’t beat them yet and are having a hard time with their quick counter punches”, admits T2 Sasha Santens. “In a balanced first half without major opportunities, the visiting striker Chiara Wielockx was sent deep. Our keeper Femke Schamp had to intervene, resulting in a penalty error. The penalty kick was converted flawlessly, which meant that we went into the break with a 0-1 deficit.”

Keeper Femke Schamp knocks down Chiara Wielockx in the box, after which the visitors took the lead from the spot. — © Bart Vandenbroucke

“During the break you try to make adjustments and especially to emphasize that football must be more alert and eager. Not with the desired effect, because after two minutes in the second half our deficit was already doubled”, Sasha Santens sighs. “After a combination on the right flank, Luna Vanzeir was sent deep, after which Duijsters gratefully accepted the assist by reacting alertly in our penalty area. We ourselves were able to threaten with head chances for Rania Boutiebi and Sejde Abrahamsson, but Genk also came close to a third goal several times. In hindsight, a big disappointment, especially because we didn’t show ourselves eager enough in the duels and once again fell into the trap of the cunning Limburgers.”

Because title favorites Anderlecht and OHL are spilling the points, it seems that Play-Off 1 can still go in all directions. For Blauw-zwart, the assignment is clear: there must be an absolute win against Standard on Sunday at home. “It is all close together again,” Santens admits. “We actually took three bonus points through the fabulous victory over Anderlecht, but we already had to hand that in on Tuesday evening. It will now be very important to have Sunday against the Rouches to get back on track with victory. We have already proven in the competition that we can get them into trouble, but then we will have to show more intensity from minute one than we did against Genk.”

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