KV Oostende is for sale: Chinese owners of Wolverhampton show interest in taking over the club


Will football club KV Oostende soon change ownership? The coastal club will currently have difficulty getting its professional license in the first sitting, because there is a financial deficit: there is talk of 5 to 7 million euros. A capital increase can be the solution, but also a sale of the club.

Jürgen Geril, Pieter-Jan Calcoen

Options for this are now being studied. One of the options is Fosun, the Chinese fund that also owns the English club Wolverhampton. A delegation will soon be coming to Ostend to negotiate.

According to the English newspaper The Guardian the asking price for KVO is about 10 million euros, but it is not all that concrete yet. With such an asking price, the debts must always be taken into account. In addition to Fosun, there is also a group of Flemish entrepreneurs who are showing interest in KV Oostende, but that too is still in a very exploratory phase.


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