Rome’s Jewish community speaks out of behavior of Lazio fans during the derby


Rome’s Jewish community has denounced the anti-Semitic behavior of fans of Italian football club Lazio. The Roman club played the city derby against AS Roma last weekend.


“A whole stand singing anti-Semitic songs and a ‘fan’ in the stands wearing a ‘Hitlerson shirt’ with the number 88. And we, as always, are the only ones who are outraged and protesting,” wrote Ruth Dureghello, the president of the Jewish community of Rome, on Twitter. “It can’t be that everyone keeps ignoring it, can it?”

With the text, Dureghello posted a photo of a Lazio fan with the name ‘Hitlerson’ and the number 88. Because the h is the eighth letter of the alphabet, the number is considered a reference to ‘Heil Hitler’.

Italian Sports Minister Andrea Abodi responded by retweeting Dureghello’s post, saying: “It is impossible to pretend nothing is happening. I will make my contribution, because I feel obligated to do so. Respect is due and non-negotiable!”

Lazio’s supporters are regularly guilty of anti-Semitic and racist behaviour. In January, the northern part of the Stadio Olimpico in Rome was closed for a match following racist remarks by the ultras in Lecce against two black players, Samuel Umtiti and Lameck Banda.

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