Horror injury for player from the first provincial: “Even the supporters heard the cracking”

Herkol player Thibo Cuyvers underwent surgery on Sunday evening. — © rr

Thibo Cuyvers (23) was spared injuries throughout his football career. Until Saturday night disaster struck. Herkol’s midfielder came down badly in the match against Alken (1st prov.) and broke his fibula. “Very unfortunate, also because I missed the KLJ party in Pelt as a result,” Cuyvers responds from the operating table in the Virga Jesse hospital.

Gert Sillen

Thibo Cuyvers, engineer on the Ford Lommel test tracks, had been spared injuries until the cursed 72nd minute in his career so far. “I have never had to miss a game because of an injury. Now I’m out for the rest of the season, but I hope to be fit again at the start of the preparation for the new season. A lucky accident is that it is a nice straight fracture. The doctors have assured me that everything will be fine. “You’re young, you’re sporty, it’s not a complex break. You will certainly be able to play football again.’ How it happened? I thought I was going into a header duel with a player from Alken, but he didn’t jump up. I did, which left me completely off balance and landing completely wrong. My full weight ended up on my foot, causing a fracture just above my ankle in my calf. I heard it creak and immediately knew what time it was. Not only did I hear the snap. Players, trainers, spectators have also heard the nasty sound. I was carried off the field on a stretcher. I then lay in the cold, in the rain along the field for fifteen minutes until the ambulance arrived.”

“You don’t expect to end up in the hospital if you make your sports bag on Saturday afternoon”

Thibo Cuyvers


“While I still can, I would like to express a special word of thanks to the FC Alken physiotherapist. He assisted me very carefully. In the hospital, the diagnosis of a fracture was made very quickly. Ligaments are also torn. I’m having surgery on Sunday evening. This is followed by six weeks of plaster cast and rehabilitation at the physiotherapist. If everything goes well, I could play football again at the start of the preparation for the new season. No, you don’t expect that to end up in the hospital if you make your sports bag on Saturday afternoon. Especially if you have already made plans after the game. I am a leader at the KLJ in Herent in Pelt and we had our annual KLJ party on Saturday evening where I would help. It’s a real shame that I couldn’t do my bit and missed the party.”

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