AA Gent and Paul Nardi have finally regained their place in the top four: “We can no longer give this up”

Nardi managed to avert acute Eupen’s danger a few times. “It is of course my job to make rescues at important moments and to keep the zero in that way.” — © BELGIUM

AA Gent took full advantage of the Bruges defeat on a visit to Kortrijk. After a difficult match against an eager Eupen, the Buffalos finally recorded a deserved 3-0 win. “We are now in fourth place, but now comes the hardest part, holding on to that fourth place”, Paul Nardi also realizes.

Stefan Smet

“Especially in the first half I had to intervene a few times”, Paul Nardi looked back soberly on his performance against Eupen. “They have some very good football players and with Prevljak you are never done. So it kept an eye out for us. I was really surprised by their offensive qualities. Of course you get to see the necessary images beforehand, but when I saw them at work during the competition, I was still amazed.”

Nardi therefore realized that AA Gent had gotten away well against a courageous Eupen a few times. “It is of course my job to make rescues at important moments and to keep a clean sheet in that way. Especially that phase with N’dri where the ball was deviated more than once, was my most difficult intervention. That ball came against foot and very close to my body. Sometimes you have to be lucky, but of course I am very satisfied.”

“Saves like that of course give confidence, but I’m not normally the goalkeeper who dares to dribble and stuff. That is not my style, but now it was really the only solution. I felt really good in my own skin and then things like that also work”, Nardi could breathe a sigh of relief.

The goalkeeper also looked back on the Ghent team performance with a good feeling. It turned out to be a perfect week for the Buffalos. “It’s not just your confidence. Of course everything goes better when you feel good, but it is also often about automatisms. This victory is therefore very well deserved. We knew beforehand that we could do a good job. The other results really presented an opportunity to benefit.”

Treacherous Seraing

“We are now in fourth place, but now comes the most difficult part, holding on to that fourth place”, Nardi also showed himself to be very careful. “We can’t give this away anymore, but there are still some difficult games ahead. For example, I find our next assignment, visiting Seraing, very treacherous. That is a team that is still fighting for preservation and we can expect a difficult match. You can count on us that we will also have to be at the appointment.”

“This international break comes at an ideal time,” Nardi realizes. “If you notice how guys like Pia (Piattkowski, red.) a Jordan (Torunarigha, ed.) could not continue in the final phase of the match, then you know that everyone is extremely tired. Even Julien De Sart had to be replaced. This break will do us good and hopefully all our internationals will come back in good shape.”

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