Vincent Kompany puts everyone at Burnley on the ground after pandering against Manchester City: “We are only number 21 in England”

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Burnley and Vincent Kompany are back with both feet on the ground after the pandering on the field of Manchester City. The Clarets got as many as six around the ears. “My players now understand how hard they still have to work,” Kompany responded afterwards.

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“We are 13 points clear in the Championship and we played a good game at Old Trafford in the EFL Cup (2-0, red.), but it is important to realize that we are only number 21 in England, not number one,” said Kompany. “My players now understand how hard they still have to work. The work ahead of us is gigantic, but we must embrace it. These moments I have stored in my head and will help us in the future.”

Burnley was played from pillar to post by Kevin De Bruyne and co, but Kompany sees the match mainly as a good learning moment. “If I could play this game ten times in a row, I would. Until we find a way not to lose. These kinds of competitions are sometimes so much better to learn from than all the other competitions.”


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There was no question of underestimation at City. “Many of them are my former teammates. I knew how they would handle it. I know their mindset and the pressure they feel to always deliver. Expectations are very high here. I’m always proud to be back here and I’m proud to be here with Burnley.”

Of course Kompany was again asked whether he would (ever) want to succeed Pep Guardiola. “People can say what they want, I’m not going to stop them. But I coach a Championship club. I’m so happy to be able to do that and it’s the only thing I can focus on right now.”

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