Impressive: 17 out of 17 for Kangaroos Mechelen in Top Division Women

Lisa Berkani led Kangoeroes Mechelen to a seventeenth victory in a row. — © GOYVAERTS/GMAX AGENCY

In Top Division Women (first division women) Kangoeroes Mechelen remains unapproachable. After all, the brand new cup winner achieved a seventeenth consecutive victory in Namur Capitale. Castors Braine easily won at Liège Panthers and remains second.

Patrick Ceulemans

The top match didn’t cause any problems for Kangoeroes Mechelen in Namur Capitale. After a 26-50 bonus halfway through, it went through the French Lisa Berkani (27 points), Heleen Nauwelaers (10 points, 6 rebounds) and the Chilean Center Ziomara Morrisson (23 points, 8 rebounds) to a 59-92 victory. The Maneblussers already count seventeen victories in a row.

The second top match of the matchday in Top Division Women did not bring tension either. Castors Braine won at the hands of Jessica Lindstrom (12 points, 14 rebounds), Emmeline Leblon (14 points, 10 rebounds), Lore Devos (16 points), Mattea Tadic (14 points) and Abigail Fogg (18 points) and after a 21 -49 standings with 44-107 from Liège Panthers. With 16 out of 18, Castors is firmly second. Liège Panthers and Namur Capitale count 13 out of 18 and shine in third place.

Phantoms Boom stays with Lummen after a 59-87 win (halftime: 28-56) and with 11 out of 18 fifth. Sam Van Buggenhaut (24 points), Sophie Van Hoof (14 points) and Ashlyn Herlihy (17 points) were the strongholds of the Steenbakkers. After a 34-42 lead, Sparta Laarne surprisingly went halfway and won 85-93 at Waregem. Nina Marcou (20 points), Ilse Deforche (18 points) and Kata Aertssens (21 points) were the stars at Sparta Laarne. Spirou Ladies Charleroi triumphed 54-62 (rest: 25-29) at Brunehaut. Sarah Vandewastyne (15 points, 10 rebounds) and Valentine Cambioli (10 points, 8 rebounds) secured the win for the Spirous.

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