Dennis Deroey and Knack Roeselare immediately take the lead after the first competition defeat in Maaseik: “A little too little freshness and energy”

Volleyball Lotto Volley League – Champion Play-Off Greenyard Maaseik – Knack Roeselare 3-1

Seppe Rotty has to compete against two Maaseik players. — © Karel Hemerijckx


The longer the winning streak lasts, the closer the first defeat comes, goes the cliché. After eighteen wins in a row in the regular season and in the Champions Play-Off, Roeselare suffered its first loss of the season. Not coincidentally in Maaseik, of course. Immediately the Limburgers – by reducing the points in the play-off system – take over the leading position from Roeselare.

Ivan D’Hope

The seventh already clasico of the season – previously twice in the regular season, back and forth in the semi-finals of the Belgian Cup and back and forth in the quarter finals of the CEV Cup – was a high-quality but not exciting match. Maaseik easily won two sets, was countered just as easily, but already had the 3-1 victory at 19-13 in set four.

“It is certainly no excuse, because Maaseik was really good, but we already talked about that super tough month of March. We knew that we could get some damage due to that busy schedule”, Dennis Deroey responded. “We certainly didn’t lack fighting spirit, which we proved in the third set with a clear 17-25. However, after the grueling midweek match in Piacenza and the qualification for the final of the CEV Cup, we were not mentally fresh and physically energetic enough to beat a very solid Maaseik in our own room.”

“We didn’t play a bad match for a long time,” continued the Roeselare libero. “Only in block defense and counter-attack things went a little less. A sharp and above all excellent defensive Maaseik could therefore make the difference. The Limburgers were just fresher and we were just not good enough. We have to accept that, although it still sucks. Losing against Maaseik is always a bit more bitter for Roeselare.”

Wednesday at home against Ghent

“From Monday we will focus on Wednesday’s home match against Ghent”, Dennis Deroey concluded. “Caruur started the play-offs very well and is definitely out for a stunt. For us it now comes down to not dropping any more stitches and beating Maaseik in the return match. Then we can regain our leadership position.”

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