David Hubert with RSCA Futures is a size too small for RWDM, which books an easy derby victory: “We have to learn to finish our chances”

Soccer Challenger Pro League RSCA Futures

David Hubert (right) tries to put RWDM’s Sada Diallo off the ball. “We should not suddenly question everything, but we should draw conclusions.” — © BELGIUM

RSCA Futures had to admit its superior in an efficient RWDM in an atmospheric Lotto Park on Saturday. There was clearly another difference between a team that is ready for the step to the highest level and a jolly group of youngsters who would also like to take that step.

Wim Redant

After six minutes, Kylian Hazard took advantage of Lorenzo Lapage’s poor relief, after which De Sart passed the ball to Biron, who beat Rik Vercauteren in two times with his thirteenth goal. Just before the break, the crossbar kept the Futures from equalizing with a free kick from Camara.


After the break, Lissens and Leoni did not get past RWDM goalkeeper Defourny, after which Hazard did score after a razor-sharp counter-punch on the other side. “This match was the summary of our season”, grumbled RSCA coach Guillaume Gillet. “We lack efficiency in both big rectangles.”


The fence turned out to be of the dam, because Vercauteren could only push a shot from Challouk against the own nets via the post after El Ouahdi had laid wide. Héris from Brussels eventually took care of the fourth Molenbeek goal. Despite the heavy figures, the Futures continued to combine cheerfully, but the honor saver failed to materialize. A loier from Lapage ran aground on Defourny. The substitute Michez headed wide, Takidine then shot over.

One in twelve

David Hubert realized that the Futures completely missed their start in the playoffs at one in twelve. “We deserved more, but we have to learn to finish the chances. We should not suddenly question everything, but we should draw conclusions.”


The eager substitute flank player Simion Michez expressed the disappointment in the Purple & White camp. “This derby defeat is hard. I may have been born in Charleroi, but I was fully trained at Anderlecht and I know how important the Brussels derbies are. I don’t know if RWDM is the strongest team in the series, but it is certainly the most complete.”

At RWDM, Zakaria El Ouahdi was over the moon. “I was called up to Morocco’s U23 this week, which gave me a boost. At Anderlecht it was mainly about grabbing the three-pointer. Our first ten minutes were strong, but after that we let the home team get into the game. Some things were updated in the changing rooms and after the break we pulled the sheet towards us.”

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