Almost unseen at the highest level: coach Antonio Conte lashes out at his own “selfish” players at Tottenham

Tottenham suffered a costly loss of points on Saturday in the battle for the top four in the Premier League. The Spurs got stuck against low flyer Southampton at 3-3. To the anger of coach Antonio Conte, as it turned out at the press conference.

Vincent Van Genechten

It was mainly the way in which the Italian was offended. Tottenham suffered 1-3 in the end, until it went wrong in injury time. And that long after the elimination in the Champions League and FA Cup.

“I’m not used to this at all,” Conte grumbled. “I see a lot of egoists, I don’t see a team. I see 11 players playing for themselves, going onto a field and not putting a soul into the game at all. This is not the result of tactics, but of a lack of passion and experience. If those two parts are missing, you could lose to a younger Sheffield United and you could also go wrong against Southampton despite being 1-3 ahead. We are too anxious. They are used to this. They just got used to not winning anything. They don’t want to play for anything important, they don’t want to play under pressure, they don’t want to get stressed. That’s nice and easy. That is the story of Tottenham.”

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“The owner (Joe Lewis, ed.) Has been here for twenty years and they have never won anything? How did that happen? You risk making the mistake of pointing the finger at the manager, but I know what it’s like to win and to win against big opponents. I tried to camouflage the situation, but not anymore. This is unacceptable for all those fans who buy a ticket and follow us,” said the former coach of Inter, Juventus and Chelsea, among others.

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