After a painful Purple & White loss against Club YLA, OHL also goes under: “We take courage from OHL’s defeat, which also turns out to be vulnerable”

Women’s football Super League RSC Anderlecht

A stupid red card for this Esther Buabadi broke up Anderlecht on Friday night. “In such phases you just have to use your brain,” said captain Laura De Neve. “The red card was unacceptable and determined the game.” — © Kms

Dramatic start of the play-offs for Anderlecht’s women. The Purple & White lost 0-4 against Club YLA for their own people on Friday. A stupid red card for Esther Buabadi broke the national champion sour. A bit of luck in an accident: leader OHL also went under in Genk a day later.

Wim Redant

RSCA coach Dave Mattheus was forced to start the play-offs without captain Laura De Neve and Silke Vanwijnsberghe, so that the Ninovieter had to improve his defense. Anderlecht started sharply, but after twenty minutes Buabadia took revenge and the new Red Flame turned red. For example, the Purple & White had to continue for more than an hour with ten players. Get started…

Justien Odeurs saved the furniture when the Finnish Roosa Ariyo showed up for her, but moments later the goalkeeper was attacked by Lyndsey Van Belle. After a quick counter through Ariyo, Sakina Ouzraoui from Brussels sealed the fate of her ex-team. After a few timid attempts at the tying goal, the numerical minority started to weigh more and more heavily for the people of Brussels and in the final quarter the fast Ariyo cashed in two more sharp counters. The 0-4 pandering hit hard in Zaventem, where coach Dave Mattheus and his players on Friday dogged the disappointment.

“We started the game well, but then received a completely unnecessary red card,” said captain Laura De Neve. “After a foul on Esther Buabadia she responded. In such phases you just have to use your brain. The red card was unacceptable and determined the match. At halftime we decided to play all or nothing and play man to man in the back. We dominated for twenty minutes, but then swallowed that 0-2 and that meant the final blow.”

Competition open again

Anderlecht will go to Standard on Wednesday. “We take courage from the defeat of OHL, which also appears to be vulnerable. Although a move to Standard is no joke either. The competition is open again. Club YLA and Standard should also not be written off in the title fight.”

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